Life in Canggu // Crille Rask

Crille Rask, more commonly known as Raskal; is a photographer, creative director and Rhythm ambassador. A man with a serious sense of style and a warm relaxed nature.  You can find him thriving in the creative hub and that is Canggu, Bali.


// Why do you choose to base yourself in Canggu, and why do you think so many creatives are drawn to this place?

Hmm… To be honest I’m not sure. I wasn’t planning to move to Bali at the time but I kinda got sucked into the flow of things and stayed. I didn’t really have a choice at the time- it just sort of took care of itself. Bali, and Canggu itself can be an amazing place, but it also swallows up a lot of creatives on a daily basis. It’s so easy to get lost in distraction and flakiness; there’s just something in the air. Also really hard to focus and be efficient, but if you manage to its one of the most amazing places to be based as the whole world swings by all the time with new opportunity.


 // How does this lifestyle shape,  and inspire your creative process?

Hehe… to be honest I think I was a lot more productive and creative when I was living in Sweden. There’s nothing like a dark Swedish winter that sort of forces you to do stuff or you lose your mind from lack of sunlight and sleep. But to stick to the Bali side of things, I really believe it’s the laid back happy go lucky culture that the Balinese Hindus have that is so happy and free. You can always joke, smile and sing- no matter what.  No one tells you that you can’t do something, they just do it without any presumption of failure; they learn that it’s that simple. Mental barriers could take the planet down and it obviously is, but I will stay away from politics. So this whole ‘attitude’ is in the air and if you are open to it, then Bali provides you with a lot of opportunity, especially time.


// The Rhythm family has become a major part of your life; how did you meet Neal and get involved?

Yeah I’ve been involved with the Rhythm family now for almost 8 years. Haha gosh time flies. I started off working with a bit of marketing, to then looking after the whole European continent. Loved the job but everything has its time. After five years I was sort of ready to do something new- the office part was never my strength. Rhythm then offered me to stay in the family as an ambassador and keep creating content and spread the love. Very happy and thankful for their support and love- it’s become a big happy chunk of what my life looks like today.  Ahh.. Neal! He’s the best! There are few men on this planet that I respect and like as much as him. He’s a bit like a human life rocket scientist; he has a perfect, beautiful family, surfs like a god, shapes like a demon, and last but not least he has the biggest heart. Haha what a legend.  I think I met Neal the first time I was in Portugal at a sales meeting; we shared way too many drinks, laughs and good wobbles.


// In the years that you've lived here as an expat, how has Canggu changed with the commercialisation and capitalism surrounding Bali?

Canggu has definitely fallen into the hands of tourism but at the speed of light. Sadly, like every other epic place on this planet, humanity has its way of never knowing when it’s enough. First time I came to surf in Canggu about ten years ago there was nothing but pure village beauty, and I would never have thought it would become what it is today. But yeah, it’s bound to happen. It’s an amazing place and you’ve just got to appreciate it for what it is today, not sit and complain of what it has become, otherwise you’ll become bitter and there’s no point in that. I love the place. Let’s just hope they don’t take it that little step too far into the concrete jungle.


// Snow, surf or skate?

The three S’s.  As always the first love was the skate boarding. You can do it everywhere; it’s cheaper and more accessible to anyone no matter what economical background. Then naturally I started snowboarding as that’s what you did in the town I come from. However as I reached my twenties surfing stole me away from everything that I knew. I started travelling to catch waves and pretty much dropped everything I was doing. Nowadays I’m a full Sunday surfer. I try and surf everyday but work and business has found me, even in Bali haha…but yeah surfing is a funny one. Way too many people loose themselves in it I think; sometimes it’s good, and sometimes maybe not for the better. It’s a bit devilish, like a drug. You need to make sure you keep it balanced. A trip to somewhere without your piece of foam is healthy and fun too- this used to be a note to self haha. Nowadays I think I know better, maybe...


 // The day in the life of a creative is always different- thank the lord. What's your one daily routine?

My one and only true love... Coffee! There’s not much that can keep me from going to my favourite cafe to have a latte and a random chat before I start my day. My favourite cafe in Bali being Canteen- it was one of the first in Canggu and it’s completely free of pretentiousness,  and not to hectic with tourists…most of the time haha.

 // Artist to look out for on your Rhythm-radio Sounds playlist?

My last playlist on the radio sounds is an Asian psychedelic trip. But if I have to mention a favourite on the playlist it’s Mr. Bungle: an old side project from Mike Patton from Faith No More.


This interview has been featured on Rhythm