15 Years of The Beautiful Girls- Nothing but Bliss

Fifteen years after releasing their first EP Morning SunThe Beautiful Girls have been stripping it back to their roots, touring all around Australia playing songs from their first two albums such as Learn Yourself and On a Clear Day. These were groundbreaking back in 2003 but have increasingly become more loved overtime, and more iconic to the Australian roots/reggae scene than ever before.

Playing at The Hotel NorthernByron Bay, the vibes couldn’t be any more warmly enthusiastic. With Paul Bromley on the bass, Paul Derricot on the drums, and the man behind it all Matt McHugh serenading the people of Byron with his soothing melodies and classic guitar picks, it was a performance not easily forgotten.

This particular venue holds a special place in The Beautiful Girls hearts – 15 years ago they were playing at this exact venue. It’s pretty damn incredible for musicians and bands to survive, let alone thrive, over so many years in the music industry. I can tell you the energy surrounding the room was insanely powerful- everyone moving to the rhythm and singing tirelessly to the lyrics that they have admired for so long, I’m sure it would have been just the same so many years before. The Beautiful Girls have etched a spot in the Australian roots/reggae scene, and no doubt, into our hearts.


Live Review created for Savage Thrills